ENYP ‘Hits the Road’

ENYP’s work continues to expand across the county and beyond and reaches over 2250 children and young people through programmed activities.

Thanks to funding received from the Morrisons Foundation ENYP has been able to purchase a minibus to support the work of the Charity and to launch its new project ‘Hit the Road’.

Adrian Horsley, Corporate Services Advisor from the Morrisons Foundation, shared “Morrisons Foundation was delighted to provide a donation of £10,000 to ENYP to help fund the purchase of a minibus. We hope our support will make a positive difference to people in need that use the fantastic services provided by the charity. We’re very proud to support communities throughout the UK and welcome applications from charities like ENYP. If you’d like to know more about the work we do, please visit our website www.morrisonsplc.co.uk”.

The minibus will enable ENYP to help transport young people to our clubs and activities, but will give us the opportunity to do more recreational trips for children and young people to help them broaden their horizons and visit different places. ENYP is launching a new project to help facilitate this called “Hit the Road”, where children and young people will explore and visit different places in the county and beyond.

Many of the children and young people we work with have never accessed recreational opportunities outside of their own community area. We know that ENYP’s work in their community has been important and valued, however we also want to give them other experiences which would not readily be available to them. Some have never been to the beach, visited the Norfolk Broads, or had the opportunity to visit local attractions, and this is something we would like to be able to offer to them.

Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director, said “For struggling families who have their own schedules to maintain, often juggling and struggling to provide transport for their children to attend our clubs can be stressful. We also know that families find it hard to travel to visit and explore different places, and that for many families we work with they have not visited attractions within the county. Our ‘Hit the Road’ project provides a great opportunity for them to broaden their horizons, explore new places and benefit from new experiences.”

The minibus will also help provide transport for our ‘Picnic project’ which is a food distribution project (providing food to vulnerable families) and transporting people to our community outreach meals. Last year the Picnic project fed 8390 people.