About Us

ENYP was officially launched in September 2007 as a Christian Charity to oversee and develop youth work initially in Greater Norwich, and now we work across Norfolk and the surrounding counties. ENYP is focused on local communities responding to identified needs of children and young people and making provision to support issues at a local level. We are a registered charity and are supported by local churches, schools, agencies and volunteers. ENYP provides a wide range of youth work activity in the area – in clubs, schools, and community projects. We currently work with over 2000 children and young people through delivery of over 50 clubs and activities, and the majority of our work is based in the most deprived areas of Norwich.

Our Constitution

ENYP exists to promote the mental, spiritual, social, moral and physical development of young people within Norfolk and the surrounding areas (the area of benefit) regardless of their ethnic grouping, political persuasion, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs so as to develop their full capabilities in order that they may grow to maturity as well-rounded individuals and enable them to become responsible members of society.


Our Core Values and Principals

These underpin every aspect of ENYP and the activities we deliver.


Informal education through fostering and creating environments for learning


We strive to be authentic and consistent in everything we do


Enabling young people to reach their full potential as active citizens


We strive for consistency and excellence in all our conduct


Responsibility to work for relationships characterised by fairness


Unconditional acceptance of all people as unique individuals


Creating access points for young people


We seek to foster trust and earn the right to be involved in young peoples’ lives


Promoting the physical, spiritual, moral, social, and mental development


We work in partnership with young people in all we do


Valuing the welfare of all and furthering flourishing as whole people


A safeguarded, personal, confidential service with boundaries


Ensuring every young persons’ voice is heard


We will honour our responsibility to be answerable to stakeholders and young people in everything we do


Recognising the dignity and uniqueness of every human being


Providing opportunities for young people to acquire social, emotional skills and abilities


Transparency and honesty in all our dealings


We are committed to a programme of on-going training and development


We seek within our practice to offer young people opportunities to exercise their democratic rights


We uphold high standards of professional behaviour and will strive to be good role models

5 Key Areas.001

ENYP’s strategy is to develop activities in line with 5 Key areas  and according to the values below.

5 Key Area Values (final).001

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