Why support ENYP?

ENYP exists to promote the mental, spiritual, social, moral and physical development of young people within Norfolk and the surrounding areas (the area of benefit) regardless of their ethnic grouping, political persuasion, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs so as to develop their full capabilities in order that they may grow to maturity as well-rounded individuals and enable them to become responsible members of society.

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You can change the lives of children and families by investing in their future.

£5 a month would enable you to sponsor a child. Your gift would help a child to be equipped and nurtured.

£5 a month would enable a child to attend 5 youth club sessions.

£20 a month would enable you to sponsor a family. Your gift would help a family to be supported and encouraged.

£20 a month would provide support to the whole family through community projects.

Your support will help children and families to:

Feel loved, valued and have someone who believes in them

Have hope, support and be encouraged

Develop their confidence and self esteem

Develop skills

Know their gifts and talents and how they can use them

Feel empowered and given an opportunity to be heard

Engage in positive activities

Make new friends

Have the practical support they need e.g. with gardening/cleaning/DIY

Be fed well and become healthier and more active

Access food parcels to provide meals

Reflect on their lives and make positive changes

Receive dedicated support

Help address needs of the whole family

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