ENYP ‘Hits the Road’

This summer thanks to ENYP’s partnerships with attractions and organisations across the County ENYP offered a range of different trips and activities for children and young people as part of a new initiative ‘Hit the Road’.

Over 50 disadvantaged children and young people who would not have accessed these opportunities before benefitted from a fully funded trip to attractions around the County.

Kim Lawrence, Senior Youth & Children’s Worker, said “The Hit the Road outings have been a fantastic success, everyone enjoyed themselves, and having the variety of activities meant we had something for everyone. With the support we’ve had from local businesses we have been able to provide an experience for the children which many of them would never have been able to do otherwise.”

The trips were fully funded and lunch, refreshments and treats were also provided throughout the day. Families were really appreciative, and the children loved the experiences.

“Thanks again for today, the kids have had a fantastic time!”

“The kids had a brilliant time. It meant my kids got to go on a great day out somewhere they had never been, which I am unable to do due to health reasons. They have not stopped talking about it!”

One young person said “this is the best experience of my life!”

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