Although ENYP was unable to deliver its usual programme of clubs and activities during Covid-19, we’ve been adapting and developing since then, and have looked at ways to continue to engage with thousands of children, young people and their families.

This has been done through a number of different ways:

1. Production of a range of different online videos
2. Activity resource packs for children and young people
3. Delivery of picnic bags of food via our ‘picnic project’
4. Text service, updating families on resource packs and support
5. Outdoor activity packs for families

One of the biggest needs for families at the moment is in the area of food poverty. In the 8 weeks immediately following Covid-19, compared to the number delivered in the 8 weeks prior to Covid, ENYP’s Picnic project delivery increased by 400%. This is one direct reason for the launch of our first Social Supermarket in early summer 2022.

If distribution remains the same the charity would be providing over 150,000 meals this year, however, in the current financial climate, they expect this to increase over the next few months. Thanks to the support from our growing list of suppliers, partnerships with churches and organisations (including St Stephens Church, Kings Community Church, Sprowston Parish Churches, St Francis Church, to name a few) the charity says they have been incredibly blessed to be able to continue delivering the service (at no cost).

Rev Madeline Light, St Stephens Church Norwich, said,“St Stephen’s are very pleased to partner with ENYP enabling them to use the Chapel. They are doing invaluable work to distribute food to those in need. At this time of uncertainty there are many families are under unprecedented pressure.”

Paul Hatton, Kings Community Church, said, “Over the last few months we’ve seen a huge increase of people in our community struggling with the essentials of food. As we heard people’s concerns we felt compelled to do what we can to help them while at the same time letting them know that Jesus deeply cares about them. The Picnic Project have done an excellent job of providing us with the food parcels which volunteers from King’s Community Church then deliver to a number of families around Earlham. We’ve loved getting to know people in the local community better and are looking forward to how we can further help these families.”

Since lockdown measures eased, ENYP has been able to offer youth work delivery during the summer holidays, facilitated in outside spaces in partnership with churches and Wymondham Youth Bus(double-decker bus) to provide a mobile food distribution unit, ‘pop up cafe’ and youth work provision.

In the meantime, if there is anything that they might be able to assist with, or you would be interested in accessing some of our resources mentioned above, then please get in touch on the details below.

For more information on ENYP please visit or contact For enquires in relation to the picnic project please email