Our young people’s forum provides the opportunity for young people to get more involved with the future     development of ENYP by contributing their ideas and feedback.

Our Young People’s Forum is made up of representatives who are elected from each of the ENYP groups, and they regularly meet with Youth Workers to share their ideas and opinions.

In addition young people can apply to become a ‘Young Person rep’ and young people who have been through this selection process have more of a hands-on role in supporting ENYP and promoting our services amongst their peers and communities.


Are you interested in becoming a Young Person’s Rep? 

Young Person’s Reps are involved in some core discussions at the heart of ENYP and are a voice for young people and their peers.  Young Person’s reps are consulted on key events at ENYP, are encouraged to take on some responsibility and have an opportunity to volunteer.  As a Young Person’s rep you’ll learn new insights, gain new skills, see your confidence increase and much more!

We’d love to consider you for this role and encourage you to apply to be part of the Young Person Rep team!


If you have any questions about the Young People’s Forum or being a Young People’s representative then please contact klawrence@enyp.org.uk