The Picnic project started in 2017 as an initiative to distribute fresh food to children and young people attending ENYP clubs and activities and to provide fresh food parcels to families in need.

As a result of our work with families and seeing the emerging needs within local communities and in the area of food poverty we have seen the project grow in the last few years to support increasing numbers of children, young people, families and individuals.

Our partnerships with supermarkets, restaurants and suppliers through food donation schemes enable us to distribute food to vulnerable families and individuals, providing them with fresh food to create wholesome meals to support their households. Over the last few years we have developed our partnerships and more organisations have been engaged in our work and through this additional support we have seen the reach of our Picnic project expand. We are extremely thankful to all those who contribute to this project.

Our Picnic Project provides emergency and regular fresh food parcels to families and individuals who are vulnerable and suffering from food poverty, financial hardship and unable to meet the basic needs of providing food for their households. Beneficiaries also include those who have experienced the devastating impact on their ability to provide food for their households due to Covid-19. Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have increased our deliveries by 430%. Parcels include fruit and vegetables, bread, bakery items, chicken and tinned/cupboards items to support households in providing healthy meals.

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