Recently ENYP has completed a review of all the delivery with our partnerships, and feedback about our work has been really positive.

Churches have valued and appreciated ENYP, particularly the length of relationship which have been built with young people and their families. They noted that they wouldn’t have been able to do this on their own, welcomed a closer relationship with ENYP, and were encouraged that volunteers from their congregations were supporting delivery. Many partners were also interested in seeing work expand and grow in communities.

ENYP also has a number of new partnerships and work which will be established in the coming months. These include outreach and youth drop-ins in partnership with Wymondham Youth Bus – the Bus will be used in communities as a space to deliver youth engagement projects, and the local Police teams are also supporting this initiative.
We have also been asked to review and feedback on some existing youth provision in order to offer expertise and experience to see these projects developed. This is part of what ENYP is able to offer to other organisations – to see them equipped in youth work and assess how they could develop their work further with children and young people.