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One of the problems young people face today is a lack of consistency in their relationships, the One Mentoring Project offers support through small group or individual mentoring within our programmed activities, projects and schools based work.

The types of Mentoring we offer:

 1.   Person Centered Approach

– Unconditional Positive Regard

– Empathy

– Congruence

  1.  2.   SMART Model

– Specific

– Measurable

– Attainable

– Relevant

– Time-bound

  1.  3.   Strengths Model

– Build on the strengths on the individual

– Helps manage the decisions, and consequences of them for the individual

– Helps achieve ongoing success for the individual  

 One Mentoring Project Values:

  • Empowerment – of young people to reach their full potential as active citizens.
  • Equality – responsibility to work for relationships characterised by fairness.
  • Engagement – creating access points for young people.
  • Holistic – promoting the physical, spiritual, moral, social, and mental development.
  • Well-being – valuing the welfare of all and furthering flourishing as whole people.
  • Listening – ensuring every young person’s voice is heard.
  • Respect – recognising the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.
  • Truth – transparency and honesty in all our dealings.
  • Democracy – offer young people opportunities to exercise their democratic rights.

Could you be a Mentor?

We are currently looking for volunteers we can train to spend a couple of hours a month supporting young people.  We need volunteers we can rely on to visit young people regularly, build a relationship, and be someone they can talk to.

For more information on The One Mentoring Project or if you are interested in volunteering please click here to contact us or phone 07599544038