“I’m The Girl I Want to be” is an innovative and creative course for girls aged 11-18, taking young women on a journey through issues of self esteem, image, sex and relationships, dreams and aspirations and much more. The course provides an opportunity for girls to get together, form great friendships, share opinions and talk about all the issues that affect them and interest them everyday…appearance, fashion, TV, magazines, relationships, sex, being single, feeling great about themselves…and aims to give them the confidence they need be the girl they want to be!

ENYP has experienced female staff members who are trained to deliver this acclaimed course in different settings (in High Schools, within existing youth groups or as a one-off 8 week course)

With hundreds of girls having taken part in the course in South Yorkshire alone, the “I’m the Girl I Want to Be” course has seen over 99% of participants noting a ‘significant improvement in their self-esteem’.

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