Demand grows for Picnic Project

ENYP launched its ‘Picnic project’ initiative in 2018 and fed 8500 during the first year of the project. Estimates for 2019, and the growing demand for the project, indicates the numbers of beneficiaries will be even greater. There has been an 11% increase, since the same time as last year, in the number of picnic bags of food being distributed.

In the current financial climate the news and statistics evidence the difficulties that families face, particularly with food poverty. Growing numbers of families are unable to meet the basic needs of providing food, and this has an impact on the wellbeing of the family.

In almost 33% of families at least one member of the household will skip a meal in order to make ends meet, and the loss of free school meals during the school holidays can cost a family an additional £30-40 per week.

Young people across Norfolk eat on average only two portions of fruit or vegetables each day, and people accessing emergency food supplies from foodbanks increased by 19% compared to the previous year.

The Revd Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director, said “Through our work we see the impact of food poverty on families and the inability to meet life’s basic needs an ever prevalent issue. Many families struggle because of financial hardship, and being able to provide a healthy and wholesome meal is not always possible, and as a result children’s development and health can be affected. The Picnic Project has met real needs, and we continue to hear stories of how the food has reached families on the brink of despair. The project’s reach has also grown with an increasing number of referrals from statutory services and voluntary agencies.”

One mum recently said “every time I have nothing in the cupboards to feed the kids you guys turn up with food, it’s a life saver”.

Another said, “I have been off sick for a while and unable to provide food for my family – this project has been amazing, the food always turns up when I need it.”

We are grateful to those who we work in partnership with, including Norwich Foodbank. If you are interested in partnering with the Picnic Project, or are able to provide healthy donations of food or non-consumables we would love the opportunity to hear from you.

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