ENYP seeks to improve community relations by bridging the gap through a range of intergenerational projects.  For example, some of the pupils serve food and clear tables at a community luncheon club, and a reminiscence project provides an opportunity for old and young to use multi-sensory objects as triggers to memory and conversation.

Bridging the Gap

A model for intergenerational activities in Norwich ENYP, working in partnership with Age UK Norwich, we have created a model for working across the generations, using reminiscence based activities.  This model has been successfully implemented in Heartsease Primary School, and has potential for use by church and community groups across the city.

The Model:  6-8 young people work alongside 6-8 older people initially for six
sessions, with a view to creating a sustainable and ongoing project – sharing memories, getting to know each other and forming relationships which bridge the gap across generations.

Intergenerational reminiscence activities – benefits for the local community:

Community Cohesion – bringing together different generations through meaningful activities and interactions helps to break down barriers within the community by improving communication between generations.

Community Safety – increasing understanding between generations, including
breaking down stereotypes and providing positive role models helps to  prevent anti-social behaviour and challenges false perceptions.

Health and Well-being – bringing different generations together to exchange skills and knowledge enables all members of the community to feel useful and productive and thus helps to improve health and well-being within the community as a whole.

Age Friendly Society – Challenging stereotypical images of old and young people, and enabling each to contribute to the group in a meaningful way, helps to create an ‘age friendly’ society where people are enabled to live out their full potential whatever their age

Every Person Matters – Developing strategies and activities which bring together people of different generations and experiences within the community, contributes to the Every Child Matters agenda held by schools and children’s centres.  Participants of all ages gain increased confidence in the effectiveness of community based projects.

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