Hubs & Network

Missional Hubs

ENYP Regional Hub

Missional Hubs resource community based mission and fresh expressions of church. Missional hubs also provide an entry point for the community, and could include; community café, skill development opportunities, children’s and youth provision, volunteer and work placements, support projects and outreach. ENYP’s first missional hub was established in Earlham in partnership with the Church of England. Here, fresh expressions of church are delivered alongside community outreach and mission opportunities.


Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs are the central place for developing vision and creating plans for delivery to meet the identified needs in an area. By nature each Hub will be a reflection of the community it serves but will be based on the key values and principles which underpin ENYP. The development of ENYP’s regional hubs progress through a number of stages:


ENYP has developed its first Regional Hub in Lowestoft, Suffolk and it would like to develop more Regional Hubs across Norfolk and the neighbouring counties. Delivery has already been established in partnership with churches in Lowestoft, and further opportunities to expand and grow are forming – we are excited that these hubs enable the vision of ENYP to develop in new areas.


ENYP Network

ENYP’s Network is based in Norwich and is the executive and administrative centre responsible for ensuring the health and strategy of the Regional and Missional Hubs.


Local Partners

Local Partners are local churches who partner with ENYP to work out ENYPs vision on a day to day basis in a specific local geographical context. These partnerships help to establish the work in local communities and contribute to shaping its growth, direction and development. They also directly see the fruit of the work and celebrate the local stories and experiences. ENYP currently works in partnership with over 40 churches from across several denominations.