ENYP recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

Last Year ENYP celebrated its first ten years of delivery – an achievement to be incredibly proud of.  From its beginnings in the east of Norwich in 2007 working with a group of eight churches, it has expanded to become a regional organisation working in Norfolk and the surrounding counties, working with 40 churches.  Over 2,000 children and young people are regularly engaged through programmed activities, and many more through community projects and work in schools.

ENYP’s reach and impact continues to expand from its main base in Norwich to its delivery in Regional Hubs, and as it works in local communities develops new initiatives and projects are established.

Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP’s Director who founded the project in 2007 said, “Ten years ago I started an amazing journey – we have an incredible legacy, and I’m proud to have built on good foundations and worked with a dynamic and successful team of staff and volunteers over the past ten years.  As we continue to make great steps forward in equipping and nurturing young people, may we continue to see transformation in the lives of those we seek to serve and partner with.”

To mark ENYP’s 10 year celebration we launched 10 new initiatives

  1. Lowestoft Hub – In September 2017 the first ENYP worker moved to Lowestoft as part of the Regional Hub of development.  This is an exciting time as they begin to build on the relationships within the town and develop ENYP’s five key areas of development.
  2. Reclaimed – a project that equips young people with basic carpentry, handyman and plumbing skills through practical hands on experience and projects, while teaching young people the importance of reusing, recycling and repurposing materials which will otherwise be sent to landfill.
  3. The Forum – ENYP is launching an online forum to provide a safe space for young people to communicate with friends and staff about activities and life topics/social issues.
  4. Mission Academies Live – Working with other local charities ENYP will be supporting the national Hope 2018 movement and the development of Mission Academies to provide the opportunities for young people to engage locally and elsewhere with Mission.
  5. Missional Hubs – ENYP is planting a new missional hub to facilitate community engagement programmes including; community café and drop-in sessions, skill development and training opportunities, and local outreach programmes.
  6. Fresh Expressions – Two new fresh expression groups for children and young people – one in Earlham and one near Anglia Square. These groups are focused on creativity and looking at children’s talents and gifts and how they can use and develop them.  Children will be provided with a meal and sessions will be interactive through games, arts, and the opportunity for discussions and explore questions about life.
  7. Squeeze – Squeeze provides healthy smoothies and snacks and each ENYP club will have a ‘squeeze’ bar providing smoothies for children and young people to enjoy and to understand the importance of healthy eating and wellbeing.  5 different types of smoothies will be available within clubs, and healthy eating programmes will be embedded within the club session plans/programmes.
  8. Bake A Difference – Bake a difference is ENYP’s baking project to help upskill people in baking and cake production to help feed the homeless, children and young people.  This will be in partnership with local charity Hope into Action.
  9. Daily Bread – ENYP has partnerships with local supermarkets and we will be able to use some of this fresh food to give out bread each day to local families and individuals to bless them.
  10. Informed – ENYP’s new training programme starts this academic year – providing opportunities for learning and developing skills in informal education and applying these across our programme.  These sessions are designed to equip and upskill young leaders and volunteers in youth work practice.

ENYP 10 Year Review Booklet